November 29, 2022


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Comparing Month and Year Data using Beast Modes

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 / Evaluating Thirty day period and Calendar year Facts employing Beast Modes in Domo

Difficulty Statement: It is vital to be able to assess one particular thirty day period or yr to one more and assure that they are equivalent. This involves us to possibly disguise the present-day thirty day period from a card considering the fact that it isn’t comprehensive, or exhibit the exercise in each individual thirty day period by way of the very same point in time. For instance, if it is the 15th of the thirty day period, just clearly show the first 15 times of exercise in each and every month. We did not want to manually modify cards each thirty day period or have to reveal why a thirty day period appears so unique from a further month.

Option Assertion: I was able to resolve this dilemma by creating two unique beast modes for the two unique conditions. If I want to exclude the existing month from a card, I create a beast mode that seems at the date in the dataset and checks to see if it is a lot less than or equal to the previous working day of the recent date’s prior month. If it is, then I assign it a price of “include”, if not I assign it a worth of “exclude”. I set this beast manner in my filter and filter to involve. Listed here is the beast manner:

Beast Manner for which includes finished months

Situation WHEN `EntryDate` <= LAST_DAY(DATE_SUB(CURRENT_DATE(), interval 1 MONTH)) 

THEN ‘Include’

ELSE ‘Exclude’


If I want to only show activity through the same point in time each month, I utilize the DAYOFMONTH function to evaluate whether the day is less than or equal to today’s day. I then include or exclude and drag it into the filter just like my other beast mode. This allows us to see how the current month is trending compared to the same point in time as previous months. Here is the beast mode:

Beast Mode for including only up to the same point in time of each month


THEN ‘Include’ 

ELSE ‘Exclude’ 


Demo: I created a video that demonstrates how to use each function: