December 3, 2022


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Taking A Beverage Brand From Zero To One

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In Episode 124 of the Lion’s Share Promoting Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss about the latest information: Adobe acquires Figma for $20 billion. They focus on this acquisition’s significant advantages to creatives and forecast what the coming a long time will keep for Figma.

Then Tyler introduces this episode’s guest, Doug Allan, founder of Tranquil Moment. Calm Instant is a CBD-infused beverage model that hit markets this summertime, targeted on generating the greatest excellent CBD beverage in the planet.

In their conversation, Tyler and Doug speak about the problems of commencing a beverage manufacturer in the course of a economic downturn, how to get a merchandise from to 1, and how you can satisfy prospects where they are.

To conclude the episode, Doug encourages entrepreneurs and business people to make business growth a daily pattern.


00:00 – Intro

01:20 -What is in the News: Adobe acquires Figma for $20 billion

05:38 – Featured Guest: Doug Allan, Founder of Serene Second

5:55 – What is Calm Moment?

8:40 – Doug describes the results soon after 6 months on the market place

12:00 – Having a product or service from to 1

16:35 – Doug’s history in wine promoting and entrepreneurship

27:30 – Impacts of the recession on CPG makes

29:40 – What’s future for Quiet Instant to go from 2 to 10

33:30 – Serene Moment’s internet marketing system

41:00 – Important Takeaway

45:18 – Outro